Today is a good day!

Seven-thirty is the the usual time I get up in the morning. My mom tries to push it to seven, but that never works. My breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (sometimes). My normal breakfast is something like oat meal, egg or fruit. When I wake up in the mornings I am pretty much asleep. That is why I’m usually grumpy. Think of what my parents have to deal with every morning – not a pleasant experience.
 I live twenty minutes and forty-three seconds

from my school, not that anyone’s counting… that would just be weird. When I am near school there is always a big traffic jam (you know, the slowest kind of jam). Now and then I just jump out of Pearl, the name my mom gave our car (don’t even ask) and walk the rest of the way.
At school, my time table has ten slots each representing a period of forty-five minutes. My first period is … who cares! I am here to entertain, not to completely melt your brains or to bore you to death. Why should you suffer? 
So first break, you wouldn’t exactly say I do stuff. All I really do is walk around, talk to friends and play on my iPad. When I do play games I normally play stuff like Ninja jump or strangely enough Space Invaders. I beat my high score last Thursday. To do that all in twenty minutes. You could say I am pretty active!
Second break is a time to relax consisting of a whole period, in other words a long time. That is the time I get to breathe, have some fresh air and to play football if there’s space that is.
 There is a mini hockey field to play on and more than two year groups having to share the playing space. Do you understand my problem?

So I am going to try and solve this issue, I know people who know people deep in the student council. That will make me Robin Hood of the school, well at least I hope so.
I just thought, you kind of got the point of the breaks so lets go to the last period. Last period is the worst of the day. Sitting there, anxiously looking at the clock waiting to hear the sweat sound of the bell. It’s like listening to classical music for an hour hoping it would end sooner rather than later. To think that people actually do that… ahhh hippies!
School has ended but that doesn’t mean the day is over. My football practice starts at six pm. If you’re wondering, it’s not the rugby rip-off one, it’s the one you actually use your feet. We normally do technical stuff and sometimes we play a match. Once a month we do fitness training, then we have to be there an hour earlier.
When I get home its about eight pm and I eat dinner. My preferred meals are pasta, pizza, chicken or fish. I am going to stop there because even by writing this it makes me hungry.
Bed. You see, I am what you call or what my mom calls a “procrastinator” (at least I am a pro at it, hehe). Me and sleep have a bad history together, it’s like mixing jelly and chocolate. Everybody knows it only works with peanut butter and jelly. Then again I do fall asleep anyway after a good day!
The end.    





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