Gladiator by Simon Scarrow Mothers side

14 April 2016

After Marcus had got away and the man had finally given up he came back for his mother. Sacred of what was to come she started limping away but with the Broken ankle she knew it was impossible. The tired man held his nose after what Marcus and his mother did. He then went on to grabbing her by the hair and dragging her back in to the chariot. He through her in with all his frustration which knocked her out cold. By this time it was 18:00 and as you may have already noted there was not much traveling the day. She woke up finding herself next to an inn in the position she had been thrown from earlier that day. A broken ankle and no clue to where she was all she could think about was if her dear son was okay. She could hear the sound of laughter and the clink of beer glasses hitting each other. She thought it was best to go to sleep. The next morning arrived and the man had come out of the inn he throw her a stale piece of bread and said “eat up cause that’s all you’re are going to get” he the grunted and moved to the front of the chariot. A day or two went by and each second her ankle started to look worse and worse. Finally they had arrived to a huge mansion. The setting around it was quite dull. It was a purely marble and stone mostly colored white. Inside she could hear the screams of slaves. Her body was pumped with adrenaline and fear yet she looked as if she hadn’t sleept in years. She heard the driver jump out and whisper something she could only make out “the boy” and “escaped”. The guard the stamped his sword on the ground. She then heard a getank and the guard walking over to the back. He slammed the door open and said “GET OUT” a second later he pulled her by the and dragged her through the ruble. The gates of the mansion open as if they were those of a horror house.

Through day and night and through intensty all she could think about was.




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