Is Steven Bergwijn the new and improved Depay?

Steven Bergwijn is an eighteen year old football phenomenon who plays for Psv( a club in the Dutch league the Erdedevisie). In 2011 he signed for Psv youth team after having an unpleasant time Afc Ajax( also in the Erdedevisie). He finally went on to his match debut on the 9 of August 2014. Just like Depay he plays leftwing and is skilled player. Unlike Depay he is a down to earth team player. The under rated player on Fifa has Psv on high expectations for the future.

Check out Bergwijn

Memphis Depay:

Age: 21

Goals for current club:4

Teams played for: Psv and Manchester United 

Shirt number:7

Weight: 78kg

Position: left attacking midfield

Strong points:skilled with the ball, has a lot of speed, plays well in his position 


Steven Bergwijn:

Age: 18

Goals for current club: 7

Clubs played for: Ajax youth and Psv

Shirt number: 27

Weight: 74kg

Positions: left attacking midfielder

Strong points: skilled with the ball, team player, has a lot of speed.



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